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So you have been banned from the Qubetubers SMP, so what do you do now?

Why did you get banned?

First ask yourself why you may have received a ban? Moderators are always on the look out for:

  • Stealing things that do not belong to you
  • Destroying builds that do not belong to you
  • Building inappropriate structures
  • Using mods that affect gameplay (fly mods, X-ray, transparent texture packs)
  • Spamming in chat
  • Use of inappropriate language in chat

Another reason is that you may be on the MCBans list. If that is the case, go here for more information. This is beyond the control of Qubetubers.

Enter #QTOffice

48 hours after you received the ban notice, you may go to #QTOffice and appeal the ban. To appeal basically means to ask for the ban to be removed.

It is expected that:

  • You have an idea of why you received a ban
  • That you realise that what you did in the SMP was wrong
  • You conduct yourself appropriately while talking with the moderators

Moderator Discussion

Once the appeal is over, you will be asked to leave, and to return some time later. The moderators will then discuss if your ban should be removed. The decision will be based upon:

  • How serious your actions were that caused you to get the ban
  • Your prior behaviour when in the server
  • Your behaviour when appealing
  • Previous bans that you may have got

Once you return, one of two things can happen:

Your ban is removed!
Congratulations! You are welcomed back into the SMP. But please abide by our rules. The rules are there so that everyone can have fun.

Your appeal is denied!
I'm sorry. The moderators feel that you are probably going to break the rules again, and they are not able to trust you to return to the server. But thanks for stopping by, and have fun on other servers.

But wait! How do the Moderators know?

The SMP has various plugins that log the actions of players. They will know what you say or do within the SMP. This includes breaking blocks, placing and replacing blocks, taking things from chests and furnaces, and talking to each other in private messages. The moderators also come from a range of countries, so one of them is bound to understand what you type, if it happens to not be in English.

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